Infamous Air 68/4500 w/ HAYMKR 500 Reg - Skull Squad Black/White


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Due to overwhelming demand Infamous has finally added a 68 cubic in bottle to their tank line up! Entirely manufactured in the USA.  This lightweight carbon fiber wrapped tank combined with THE most advanced premium regulator available, gives you the best air system money can buy.

There is a reason so many pros choose powerhouse regulators. This is truly a top of the line performance  product developed by the best in the industry.


  • Infamous Air Lightweight Carbon Wrapped Bottle
  • Premium Haymkr 500 Gen 3 Regulator
  • Radial Adjustability to change position of your fill nipple & gauge
  • 100% Dyno Testing on every regulator
  • Adjustable low and high pressures (400-700psi with a simple internal adjustment)
  • Un-paralleled performance
  • Both the bottle and the regulator are designed, developed and manufactured in the USA

What makes powerhouse regulators the best?

The new PowerHouse Gen III Competition Regulator is the most advanced and premium tank regulator on the market today.  Gen III offers a completely re-imagined design replacing the old cartridge, adjustment nut, and activation pin while utilizing NEW wave spring technology for improved performance over the first generation of regulators.  With the superior performance it offers, it’s no wonder why so many top teams choose PowerHouse!
  • Pressure Adjustment Insert  allows adjustment from 400 psi to 700 psi with a simple internal adjustment. This allows for a total of 300 psi adjustment . An industry first for a tank regulator!

  • GEN III now incorporates a replaceable sealing element we call the Jet, allowing the user to replace without having to scrap the Body of the regulator. Another industry first!

  • Electropolished stainless steel ASA threaded Cartridge.

  • Wave Spring  Technology, precision woven flat wire spring for improved consistency and reliability to get back to set point pressure fast.

  • Dedicated setscrew pockets to prevent galling and slipping in your guns ASA threads.

  • Low Profile Burst Disks  for a smooth clean look.

  • Dedicated Direct to Tank  fill port, eliminates piston Jet  damage and over pressurizing from rapid filling, at fill stations.

  • Interlocking parts to prevent incorrect assembly.

  • Quick disassembly for easy servicing.

  • Custom Pressures available please email us your desired pressure and we will build it.

  • All PowerHouse regulators  are Dyno Tested before and after completing a 24 hour pressure test.