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Lone Wolf Paintball and BKi Paintball have teamed up to help take your game to the next level! BKi Paintball's online training library features over 350+ videos and articles focused on core methodologies proven by champion paintball athletes

You commit your time and money to attend a few practices, you take time off school/work, you skip other events and leave loved ones behind to travel. The cost of the event includes an entry fee, paintballs, rental car, hotel room, and meals. You put in all of that time and money, yet, you still came home empty handed, feeling sick from the missed opportunities.

You have that feeling of almost reaching the goal only to fall short along the way. You have that sickness of watching someone else crack some beers and jump up and down knowing it could have been you. The other guys got the big fat check and gold trophy. That sucks. Losing sucks. Period.

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