Deadlywind hAir 45 Trigger Valve - M170R


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The Deadlywind hAir 45 Trigger valve is an upgraded part for Planet Eclipse mechanical guns. The hAir 45 valve provides a 4 TIMES shorter pull and is 5 TIMES lighter than the stock trigger valve even with all the springs removed. This drop-in trigger valve upgrade unlocks the full potential of the Planet Eclipse mechanical guns, allowing you to keep up with the best of rest!

This valve is only compatible with the Planet Eclipse GTEK M170R

The hAir 45 keeps safety, functionality, and is tournament legal in that it has zero increased force on the trigger after firing. Valves come in a blue and black color. There is no difference between the two other than the color and at this time it is not possible to choose what color you get since Deadlywind does not all for that option.