Adrenaline Double Barrel Swab


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The Adrenaline Swab comes in two flavors. The Swab with Squeegee and the Swab with Double Wool. There is no best solution so use whatever works best for you. The Adrenaline Swab with Squeegee has the molded plastic shaft (no wood) with thick wool on one end and a soft rubber disk on the other. The Swab with Double Wool is doubled up on each end with thick, washable wool. 

For best results keep a dirty end and a clean end. Use the dirty end then follow up with the clean end for the finishing touch.  


  • Molded Plastic Design - won't warp when wet
  • Thick wool instead of fleece or other materials - won't bunch and easy to wash
  • Double the wool as the Adrenaline Swab with Squeegee
  • Adrenaline factory colors and logo
  • Length of 20"

Note: If using an Adrenaline F16 bolt always be aware of jamming any swab or squeegee against it too hard and breaking the bolt face.