Tippmann Cronus Tactical | Beginner Woodsball Package

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today I'm bringing you the Tippmann Cronus Tactical package.

Oo, that looks like a beginner package.

It is, it's a good, good, very good, great beginner package. So enough with the awkwardness, let's get on with it. So we've got the Tippmann Cronus Tactical. We've got the new HK Army base goggle with a thermal dual-pane lens. You've got your 48/3 K Tippman tank, high pressure air, obviously. And then just your standard 200 round basic hopper. Let's start with, what do you wanna start with Mark?

Start with that basic hopper that's already in your hands.

Well, I don't want the tank to roll away

Well, hold the tank too, cause you should be able to go over both of these pretty quick.

Yeah, it's a hopper, you open the lid up. It closes, it holds paintballs. You close it. It's probably like an eight or nine dollar hopper, simple. Once again, going with the beginner package. There's no electronics.

What's the anti-jam feature?

Anti-jam feature is the shake method. You shake it until your paintballs start feeding again. So you've got your basic hopper. You've got your 48/3 K Tippmann tank here, obviously 3000 PSI max on the gauge. A lot of people out there, when we sell them, we fill them up to three K, and they say, "you didn't fill my tank up all the way, Mark." Why didn't I fill their tank up all the way?

Cause the tank doesn't hold it

Because the tank should not hold it. Gauge goes to five, but you only fill it to three. Yeah, because it's a 3000 tank.

I mean you can try, but you're going to blow your burst disc, and then--

Yeah, you're probably going to blow the burst disc and you wait for the comments, someone will be like "they test those to like 5,000." Yeah, they do that for safety purposes. The tank's only meant to hold three. So, there's that. All right, let's go over to the goggle before we get into the gun, Mark. These goggles are brand new. They are by HK Army. They have a couple different features I'm going to go over really quick. This goggle retails not in the package for 45 bucks. It does have a quick change lens system right here on the side, one of the most important features on the actual goggle, both sides twist and pull. You can swap in and swap out lenses with ease. Next up, Mark, let's talk about the breath-ability and the built-in visor. It's got tons of room for breath-ability here, I meant tons of holes, obviously you can see. Communication, breath-ability. It even covers further down on the chin area so you're not getting shot in the chin or the Adam's apple right in there. Scoops down further. Does come with a built-in visor that is also removable. So, for a goggle that is intermediate or, you know for beginner package, it's got a lot of cool features. The foam on the inside you can easily replace, pullout, and remove if you need to do so. And then it does come with a padded chin strap. So clicks in, so for safety purposes, it's padded, it's not going to wear your chin raw on the bottom. And then it also does come with your fancy head strap here. So this goggle is not going to be bouncing up and down on you, it's not going to fall off whatsoever out there on the field.

If you're a younger player, got a smaller head still, you can tighten that down, your goggle's not gonna move.

And then we're going to whip it over here. It's got extended ears on here, so it's going to cover a big portion of the back part of your ear and head. So I've seen a lot of, you know, there's a lot of shots that happened there and you're gonna want that for protection. So for a beginner goggle, thermal lens, quick change lens system, all sorts of good stuff. That is the HK Army base goggle right there guys. It's pretty, it's pretty sick. So lastly, we're going to the Cronus Tactical gun. Mark, you want me to start in the back, go forward?


A six-point position, collapsible stock here. So you've got six different points. If you're a shorter guy, you're a big guy, you're little guy you can make a bigger, you can make it smaller. Collapsible stock comes with it. It does have a nice Picatinny rail up top and comes stock out of the box with a carrying handle. You guys want to carry this bad boy right on the field, comes with the carrying handle. If you don't want it, take the carrying handle off by simply both of those thumb screws there, you can take it off and add on a sight or a light or whatever you guys want. Same thing on both sides, Mark. Little rail there. You've got a rail on the sides. You guys can customize it. I mean, people, you guys want to get crazy with it, you guys can. It does have your removable shroud up front for, you know, you want some tactical, I'm gonna be tactical, you can do that. Comes with an A5 or X7 threaded barrel, so you can add on extended barrels, obviously for better accuracy and performance, which is a cool feature. Also upfront, if you guys don't want a carrying handle on it, which it does come stock with right here, you can also take it off and put on a-I've seen people actually put, mount flashlights underneath there so if they're playing at night or if they just want to be cool you can mount a flashlight right underneath there on that Picatinny rail as well.

Would you say tacti-cool?

Tacti-cool, that's what I would say. This is a, obviously a semi-automatic paintball marker. Cocker on back, screw your tank on. You're gonna be ready to rock. this entire package here is going to cost you under 250 bucks, or actually I think right around 250. So you're getting the gun, a nice goggle with a thermal lens, you're getting to just a basic hopper. You can upgrade down the road if you'd like. And then you're also getting a high pressure air system, 48 cubic inches, 3000 PSI maximum in the tank. That was a lot, Mark. Best thing about the gun though. I would say guys, other than not being very expensive, in that regard, it's an extremely durable gun. Tippmann's been around the game for 30-plus years and it doesn't have a braided hose. So when you screw the tank into the ASA, you have an airline running straight up into the gun, right to the valve system. You don't have a gaudy braided hose, you know, slowing you up, getting caught on brushes and twigs and all that stuff out there when you're on the field. And lastly Mark, I didn't go over the feed neck, but it does, it's on this side, it does clamping in some sense of, you're going to have to tighten down with an Allen wrench to whatever size hopper you guys are using. But other than that this is the Tippman Cronus Tactical gun and a package, because a lot of people, when they come to the website, they wanna know, "I just want all of it now, and how much is it going to cost me to get the full setup?" So that's it.

That's it.

That's it, man.

That is it.

That is fricking it. You got a question?

I do.

All right, let's do it.

Jose Port on the Tippmann TiPX .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol video we did way back in the day? He wants to know, does it shoot pepper spray rounds as well?

You're talkin' the pistol?

Yeah, can the TiPX shoot the pepper balls?


Oh, see? Easy peasy. I think pretty much anything that's .68 caliber will shoot--

Pretty much, so yeah. The TiPX can shoot .68 caliber pepper balls. Hope that answered the question. Shop lonewolfpaintball.com. We have tons of these packages, beginner, intermediate, pro, and advanced on the website. Thanks guys for watching. Take it easy.

There you go, see ya!