Paintball Guns the Pros Use in 2023

Hey guys, what's going on. It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I'm gonna go over which guns the paintball pros use.

[Mark] All the pros?

All the pros.

[Mark] By each name? One at a time?

No, not by each name, they switch teams like they changing their underwear out there. First off, we are gonna start off with the Field One Force. Comments below, before I say it, do you guys know who, who uses this gun? Probably a very championship winning team, multiple years in a row, been around for a long time. Of course, the Field One Force is used by Team Dynasty. Probably because they have a dynasty in winning championships for years and years. The Field One Force, real quick, I'm gonna recap, you know, just a couple of quick features, uses the Acculock Barrel Kit System, which is unique, you know, one of a kind. It has the capability to move the batteries from the front grip to the back grip. It does have a pull up and pull out bolt system as well, Nucleus Core and of course a locking feedneck and ASA On/Off down below as well. So once again, Field One Force here. Nice couple key features. I'm gonna move on to the next used by Team Dynasty, professional paintball team, won many, many championships throughout the year. Mark, you want me to set them down or put them back up on the back?

[Mark] Just swap it out with the next one.


[Mark] Now, just to remind you guys, we do have full reviews on all of these markers.


[Mark] Go back through our YouTube channel, search any one of these, we've done an in-depth spin on.


[Mark] You know what they are, how much they cost and probably a shooting video on most, if not all of them as well.

No doubt about it. So once again, guys, this is a video on what paint ball pros use, what professional teams use as their weapons on the field to reach the gold. Next up DLX Technologies is in the building. This is going to be Team Houston Heat rocking this. And Houston Heat has won plenty of events as well. I mean, star players such as RonDon Dizon, you got Chad "Yaya" Bouchez, I mean, Moorhead, the list goes on. So yeah, the DLX comes with the Freak XL Barrel Kit, Eight inch inserts for the most accurate gun out there on the market. Very, very nice locking lever feedneck. Once again, you can pull up the bolt, pull it out to the back. And it does have a very nice ASA lever on the bottom, on and off magnetic, with plenty of room in the grip frame to get those trigger fingers working. Toolless cover stuff like that. You can buy accent kits. These guns are smooth, super, super air efficient and very light. So this gun is used by Team Houston Heat professionals. And once again, very, very successful guys. So Mark, who am I moving on to next? Where do you want me to go?

[Mark] What's that green one?

What's that green one? We'll swap it out. So next one, this is one of the newer guns on the market. It is called the Shocker Amp and this one is used by Shocker Amp. This one is used by AC Dallas. AC Dallas, a lot of good guys on that team, recently visited them. Check out the channel, obviously on paintball-fit videos. Very, very nice guys out there. Shout out to you. But this one used by Houston, Houston Heat. Last one, AC Dallas, baby AC Dallas, a quarter turn bolt system, boom. Bolt will come right out the back. And these guns are super light. Man, these things are very, very nice and you can actually if you want it to ever make this gun mechanical, they're coming out with a mechanical frame for it. Once again, Freak XL System, eight inch inserts, redesigned front grip, plenty of room in the trigger frame. Once again, to get those fingers working and down here you've actually got a ASA knob that you can get a good hold of here. It's got grooves in there. So when you're engaging and disengaging your air, that's a very nice feature to have, Is this on/off knob, rubber front grip for anti-slip, when you're out there and your hands are kind of greasy from the paint oily stuff like that. Very nice gun, light. And once again, super, super air efficient. Around 110 PSI operating pressure. Boom! AC Dallas is in the building. All right, mark. We're just going to leave this one on the table then.

[Mark] No swap it with the other-

Yeah, I know, I know.

[Mark] Swap it! I don't wanna blank spot on the wall.

Okay. Okay.

[Mark] Oh it's blank. That looks horrible. Ooh terrible.

Who shoots this? Do you know?

[Mark] Oh my God!

Mark you're on, you're on the table now. Who shoots this? Who shoots this?

[Mark] Back then it's AC Dallas. You just said so.

No! Who shoots this?

[Mark] Oh, Planet Eclipse?

Yeah, who, who shoots this?

[Mark] It was Gtek 4?

No, an Etek 4?

[Mark] A Gtek 4.

No, it's a Geo 4.

[Mark] Geo 4! Oh my God! Iron Man obviously.

Oh yeah, Iron Man shoots this. No.

[Mark] No.

Not the Iron Man, but this is Ironmen. We'll get to the Ironmen next. This is a Planet Eclipse gun. This one is shot. Not this exact gun but Planet Eclipse shot by Infamous Paintball. Shout out to them. Travis, team owner, great guy. Do plenty of stuff with him. Normally they're shooting the CS2 Pro's. This one is a Geo 4, we can talk about the barrel system, the Shaft FL Barrel System. You guys can get plenty of different barrel backs for this. You can also, shout out to Infamous, get a Silencio tip to throw on this bad boy. You have access to, show you real quick. You've got two double A's in the front grip, completely toolless. Access to your eye covers by the flick of a switch. In case you happen to break any paint out there. Throw that back on. Does have the POPS ASA on the bottom as well. So this is how you engage, disengage the air. You have toolless grips in the back. Slide these buttons forward, and you can actually take the grips off within the flick of a switch. No tools needed. A bolt, up and off the back as well. Very, very nice IV core inside the gun. And super smooth shooting gun. A lot of people that shoot the Planet Eclipse platforms say, the IV core which is inside here is probably one of the smoothest shooting guns they've ever shot. So shout out to Infamous Paintball. Thanks for all that you do for us. And yeah, this is the Geo 4. They're normally shooting CS 2 Pro's, but very, very similar, great, great platform. And on to the last one, Mark. Now this is your Ironmen. We're going to pick it up in just a second. So guys, obviously the Ironmen have been around for a very very, very long time, a legendary team. This is the Dye M3+. This is a custom part swap by us actually. The red with the black accents all around. It does probably one of the only guns on the market that has a very, very nice colored readout display screen. A lot of these guns have read out display screens but colored, fully programmable. You can probably put your own images on here. It's got a very nice lever on the bottom, to turn, to engage and disengage the air. Once again, very comfortable, nice curve trigger. And I'm going to turn this off real quick. Bye-bye it says and the bolt system, push button bolt. If it's going to come out the back, we'll see. Oh, okay. Must be air still in there. Caesar, Caesar. You didn't shoot the air out. The ultra light barrel, as Dye's has been known for years and years. Very, very nice. And yeah, this is the Dye M3+ used by Ironmen out of California, extremely popular gun. We sell a ton of these and that's about it. Mark got anything?

[Mark] So, I just want to point out that these are all high-end guns.


[Mark] If you pick any one of these, you're going to be happy with your purchase. Most likely.

Hundred percent.

[Mark] So, the reason that different teams use different guns is sponsorship, of course.

Of course. Yeah. A lot of, obviously most of these guns are into the thousand dollar-ish range plus right around there. Give or take. But yes, once again, very, very high tuned, very solid gun. So.

[Mark] And you might think, well, I follow my favorite player and he shoots the M3+, until he gets traded to a different team.


[Mark] And then guess what, he's going to shoot whatever they're shooting.

Exactly. So yeah. Once again, all of these guns are very, very high quality. Shoots similar. Depends on personal preferences. Also Mark said, depending on that team's sponsorship and who they're affiliated with. So there was five teams right there and kind of showing you what they shoot and why, key features. Go back. We do full reviews on all of these guns. Once again, hit up, you know, previous videos on the channel and

[Mark] And leave your comments, concern. If you want to see other teams, what they're shooting. Let us know and go join our new Facebook group. We are starting to interact more over there.

That's right. Take it easy guys. Thanks for watching.

[Mark] Bye-bye.