Best Paintball Markers | Top Paintball Guns Available in 2022

This post was updated 4/20/22

What is goin' on, ladies and gentlemen? Today, it's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and I am bringing you the best markers of 2022. Would you say they're the best?

[Mark] Are they Crayola?

Uh, no, they're off brand.

[Mark] Are they Sharpie? 

They're off brands, sorry, just kidding. Just kidding, just kidding. Hit up our website, we have all these beauties available on the site, as of right now, maybe by the time the video goes live, who knows. But, anyways, that's, and top markers of 2022. You may agree, you may disagree, but, let's go. I'm just gonna start over here, Mark, whatever's closest to me. You guys might notice,

[Mark] You guys, these are not in any order, so they aren't like, best to the worst. It's random. these are just, these are just the best guns period available, right?

That's right. Okay.

Best Paintball Markers

Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro

I mean, that's our opinion, obviously, and people always disagree, but that's just the internet life. Anyways, guys, I am holding the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro. I chose this marker not only because it is expensive, and a complete workhorse, it does come with three different shaft FL barrel backs in current sizes to the market that are definitely gonna be useful, and not just like, throwin' in a .695 and here you go! All the barrel backs that it does come with are gonna be stuff that you guys are gonna need to use. It does come with options of two different styled triggers as well. Tool-less bolt removal, assembly, so it's pretty cool. It's also extremely air-efficient. It's sleek, it's wonderful, it's nice. You have access to your batteries, and also your external eye covers here via the pull of your front grip. 

So these paintball guns are extremely light, Mark’s gonna throw the prices up on the screen for all of these guns that I go over, so we don't have to do guess-and-checks. 'Cause prices change all the time. POPS ASA, you don't have any macroline or anything like that goin through here, all up through the grip and into the gun. Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro, definitely making the list. Like Mark said moments ago, pretty much these aren't in any particular order, but these are just our thoughts on top guns of 2022. CS2 Pro goin' down. 

Keep an eye out for the Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 paintball marker which is now on pre-order as well likely be adding that to this list!

Next goin' up, Mark, but I can see with your top-down camera, though, one of these things is not like the others! Okay, but, we'll go over here. 

Luxe X

We're goin' to the Luxe X Patriot, baby. This is a special addition, so like I said, Mark will put the prices on the screen. Luxe X. Best features in my opinion, if you guys wanna see full reviews on all of these guns, just search on our channel and you guys will see those on there. Coming with the Freak XL eight inch control bore barrel, and boom, Freak XL, I like that individual size inserts, I'm sure you guys already know this, but if you're new here, you'll learn. You've got a few things to learn here. Tool-less bolt removal as well. So you can pop this bad boy out, yeah, well, I'm not gonna do that, Should I? 

[Mark] No.

I don't want to, not right now. So, but, Luxe X, it does. Bolt pulls up, out the back. When these things are brand new like they are, they're a little stiff to begin with, they'll loosen up on ya over time. Key feature, hold up. Talks to ya if you're lonely. Talks to ya.

[Luxe X] Powering on.

While it talks to you, I wanna talk about how you can actually access the frame completely tool-less as well. Pull the latch here, there's a latch in the back that'll go up, and you can remove the frame from the gun without using any Allen wrenches whatsoever. You also have access to your external eye covers, well, they're internal, but you can pop off these eye covers here, which are magnetic and then you can clean your eyes out in case you happen to break some paintballs. And, once again it talks to ya so that's pretty cool.

[Luxe X] Powering off.

[Mark] I changed the language on mine, so that every time I turn it on it sounds like Federov or one of the other players.

You can definitely do that, too, there's tons of options. All programming stuff, obviously, with these higher-end guns. And, what I was gonna say before you threw me off, Mark, yeah, special edition print, we already went over that. I wanted to go over, there was one thing, oh, yeah, the front grip. 

You can easily take off this front grip, but in a gun like this, if it was a normal Luxe X, you could change out. If your gun was silver, you could throw on a black front grip, but, something like this, you're not gonna wanna mess up your color scheme, but there's options on this gun. These things rock. These things are expensive, but they're super, super air-efficient. Very light, very accurate, I would definitely rock this bad boy out on the field. All right, Mark, I'm gonna go into it now. I'm ready to take the heat.

The Azodin bullets, KP3?


That didn't make the list, but that is actually one of their better guns. And it's a pump gun, but, we're bringing' back the Emek, baby. 

Emek 100

The Emek 100, these guns are, well all of these are well over the thousand dollar range. Emek, about $289 bucks, you put it on the screen. I can't deny it, I had to include it in this video due to the fact that we can't keep these things in stock for the price point, for the accuracy, for just it's, it's bulletproof, really. Mark, what would you say?

[Mark] Yeah, I love, I love that gun. Yeah. Probably the one that I'll hold onto till I die.

Oh, no.

[Mark] 'Cause there's no re-sale value.

Don't, don't do that.

Just don't do that. These things are awesome. They're a rock solid Planet Eclipse gun, the Planet Eclipse Emek. PAL-compatible with the hopper, you can put on a POPS ASA like Mark did already, very fancy. You can change the trigger, you can put on, there's a couple different triggers on the market, you can do that. These things are rock solid. You can fall down a hill with this thing, and it's still gonna work for ya. Planet Eclipse Emek is gonna make the list I know you guys are gonna laugh, you guys are gonna flame, but that's fine, we can handle that. So I went over the CS2 Pro, the Luxe X, very nice, Emek. 

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R 

Now we're onto the Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R. This is just a custom handle that we did here at Lone Wolf, but the 170R is very, very similar, in my opinion, to the CS2 Pro with having the removable front grip, access to your battery, access to the eye covers by simply slipping off the front grip. So, that's a nice feature. Other than that, fully programmable, bolt slides up, up and out, Gamma Core, I mean these are very nice, super, super efficient guns. 

You've got the clamping feed neck, you've got the ASA lever on the bottom. Workhorse, I think these things, I'm not gonna say the price, Mark's got it on the screen. Why would I do that? So this is the 170R by Planet Eclipse. These guns are absolutely amazing. Would highly recommend it for tournament play. 

All right, guys, lastly, lastly, lastly. We're not trying to keep these videos long. Keeping you guys interested, if you guys want, like I said, any more specs on the guns, you guys are gonna be checking the other videos on full-out unboxing and break-downs on the channel. 

Shocker XLS

Shocker XLS coming in, not last, not least, not in any specific order, but Shocker XLS, also coming with the Freak XL barrel kit just like the Luxe X. Had come in with that, it does have a nice rubberized front grip so you guys aren't slipping. Say you dove into a puddle of mud or water, or your paints are greasy. Your paints are greasy, your hands are greasy from the paint. It's not slipping on the front aluminum grip. Bolt, push the button in the back, bolt pops out, right? Right, I don't wanna,

That's the rumor. I don't want my ring to cut this body. Gotta get a hold of it, you know? So, there's a button in the back, push it, and then you've got the actual bolt coming right out of the back. Completely tool-less once again. A very, very nice clamping feed neck there. You've got a on/off ASA with a nice nob, so that way it's got grooves on it so you guys aren't slipping and, you know if your hands are muddy or, slipped full of paint, you got that. So Shocker XLS, Mark has the price on the screen. 

And, yeah, fully programmable, this one doesn't talk to ya, but it's super light, gives you plenty of room within the trigger frame to get those fingers rockin'. I think, I think that's about it. That was just a quick break-down of our choice of top paintball guns for 2022.

[Mark] If you don't agree, tell us in the comments, we wanna hear your choices, on what you think about what we picked.

Yes, yeah. 

Yeah, and like I said, if you guys want a full-on break-down of what these things offer, just search it on the YouTube channel, you'll be able to find it. Thanks for watching, like Mark said, put in the comments below what you would've taken in or taken out. I know throwing the Emek in here was definitely like, "You've got all these other high-end guns, why would you throw the Emek in?" Cause it deserves it. These things are awesome, so.

All right.

[Mark] All right.

Question from our Audience

From the YouTubes, though, a Benjamin Elsbury, Elsbury?

Yeah. Whatever.

All right. We did a video shooting the paint swap Planet Eclipse CS2, one of the custom guns we did,

Okay. and he said, "Is that the paint or the gun shooting that straight?" Apparently you were ball on ball in that video.

It was ball on ball,

I mean, the paint that normally I shoot in the videos is just our, it's our G.I. Sportz field paint. The paints are always really, really solid, but the gun has a lot to do with it as well, and the size of the bore, whatever size barrel you're using so, there's multiple factors that go into shooting ball on ball. Is it really good paint? Did you size the paint up to the correct bore? et cetera, et cetera. Is it a gun? You know, couple different factors. So, I'm gonna say, yes good paint, yes a great gun.

Weather can have an impact.

True, humidity, coldness, all of that stuff. But it happened to be a good day, I had the right bore size on the barrel, and I was shootin' good paint.

Well. there ya go.

[Mark] That's it. If you got a question, leave it in the comments below. Otherwise we will see you in, 2022. I'm just kidding it's too early for that.

Take it easy, guys.