Best Budget Paintball Gun in 2023 | Mechanical or Electronic Paintball Gun


What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today, I am bringing you my top choices of the best budget markers of 2023 so far.

[Mark] Budget markers!

Yes, budget markers. So, you guys asked us on our Facebook page, the Ask Us Anything Lone Wolf Paintball, “what is your choice of the best budget markers of 2023?”

Even though 2023 is pretty fresh right now. I'm going with two choices here. Got the Planet Eclipse EMEK over here, these EMEKs, they are $289.95. They are fully mechanical, extremely durable. 

And over here, I've got the Empire Mini GS. These are currently retailing at $424.95. So, $425 and $290, pretty much. Mechanical and electronic. So, let's quick review a few points on each and then you guys will have your answer.

[Mark] No, simple answer. They're both awesome, you should buy one or both if you have the money, and video's over.

Okay, that's it. Thanks for watching guys, and we're out of here. Lone Wolf Paintball

Overview of the Planet Eclipse EMEK

All right, seriously though, Planet Eclipse EMEK comes with obviously just a stock, it's not a two-piece parallel, just a one-piece. I believe it's like a 10 inch barrel, I wanna say. It is powered by the Gamma Core. The Gamma Core is used in markers like the GTEK 170R. It's a very, very durable drivetrain that sits inside of here. These things are pretty air efficient. The only thing is, they are fully mechanical. 

This one, I actually put a POPS ASA on here. So, this allows you to relieve the air pressure easier than the stock ASA that comes on the gun. This is an extra cost, not included with a stock EMEK. But for 290 bucks, the Planet Eclipse EMEK is awesome. They are PAL compatible, so if you want to rock a PAL loader on here, you can do that. And if you need to know what that is, look at our other videos on our YouTube channel and you can find out all about that. It does have a clamping and locking feed neck on there. So, if you guys are using whatever type of hopper, whether it be a Spire or a Rotor or something else, you guys can actually clamp it and tighten it down with the set screws. And they're very, very easy to work on, easy to take apart. And these things are absolute workhorses. 

Once again, like a lot of the tournaments right now, the mechanical tournaments ICPL and Xcel, stuff like that. Iron City Classic. People are using these EMEKs, they're putting a little bit of upgraded features on them, triggers, ASAs, kind of spruce them up, but mainly, a lot of people are using these EMEKs in professional tournaments. So, I would highly recommend this for 290 bucks. My pick for the budget 2023, gun of the year, per se, at that price point, Planet Eclipse EMEK, you can't go wrong with it.

[Mark] Yeah, my finger gets tired trying to shoot that 15 balls a second.

Overview of the Empire Mini GS

Yeah, you're trying to, but so if your finger's getting tired, for 425 bucks, something fully electronic, programmable, easy to clean, easy to use, is the Empire Mini GS. So once again, with the feed neck, whatever hopper you guys are using, this as a clamping feed neck, you can tighten down to fit whatever you're using. This thing is fully electronic and programmable. So, it has different firing modes. Mark probably can zoom in and see, you guys see that light flashing? It's programmable, it's powered by a nine volt battery and very, very easy to use, super air efficient. 

You've got a 14 inch, two-piece driver barrel system on here. For a stock barrel, it's actually pretty darn accurate and it's pretty quiet too. You can see the spiral porting on the barrel there. So, it's a nice feature for an electronic gun that's 345 bucks. Next, we're gonna talk about the gauge. This gauge is for, once again, it's a beginner electronic gun. This would be my choice. If this gauge ever goes over 200, you know you're messing in here, you shouldn't be doing that, wouldn't recommend that at all. Velocity is adjusted in the back where it says velocity guys. So, for a beginner electronic gun, I would highly recommend the Empire Mini GS.

[Mark] And that's upgradable too, right? They have redline boards and different things--

Yeah, you can do it. Yeah, obviously you can put a different barrel system on here, you can throw a redline board in this bad boy. They do off-brand, they do make different bolt tips, soft bolt tips for this gun as well. So, there's definitely modifications you can do to spruce up your Empire Mini GS, if you wanted to. Yeah, other than that, I think, you know, just hitting some quick features of it. That's about it. Mark, do you have anything else for me? What do you think?

[Mark] Well, I think these are both great choices. One mechanical, one electronic, both very affordable with lots of upgrades if you wanna take 'em to that next level.

Empire Mini GS vs Planet Eclipse EMEK


[Mark] A gun to your head, you can only pick one, which one do you buy, stock?

Well, so...

[Mark] Come on! Quick!

Well, hold on! Wait, what am I playing here? What am I playing?

[Mark] One choice, you can only make one choice.

I'm shooting the EMEK.

[Mark] Oh sure, pick the one that's harder to keep in stock.

Yeah, no, yeah, these things are... Every time we get a new batch of these from Planet Eclipse, those guys do a great job over there. I'm trying to get them out the door, but these things don't last long. If you're hitting up the website, sign up for the in-stock alerts that are on there guys. So, that'll shoot you an email when we got a fresh batch in, it'll let you know, "Hey, Lone Wolf Paintball, has it back in stock". And you better jump on it if you want it 'cause these things do go quick. 

Same thing with the GS man, a lot of beginner guys that are getting into speedball, these things fly out the door as well. So once again, the in-stock alerts will definitely help you know, when we have product back in and it doesn't last long.

[Mark] Wait, are you saying I could win my D5 Young Guns Tournament with that Mini GS?

100%, yeah. If I'm jumping into speedball, I'm getting the GS and yeah, I'm gonna turn it on that ramping mode and we're gonna have a ball here.

[Mark] Would you ever play any speedball with a mechanical gun?

Yeah, I've had one before. I mean, I don't recommend it per se, 'cause you're just automatically outgunned but it's always about the player. If you know how to play paintball, you can take this out there and definitely put some hurting on speedball guys, even without an electronic marker. No doubt about it.

[Mark] All right, so like Tony said in the beginning, this was something requested by you guys--

Yes, you guys wanted a video on this.

[Mark] From our Facebook group, if you haven't been over there, get over there now and you can put in your own request, ask us questions, we interact over there. It's the one place that makes it easy for us to actually do what you want. Both guns are available at Lone Wolf Paintball and if they're not, like you said, fill out the email thing, make sure you follow us on all the other social medias because what are we doing?

Oh, we're new on TikTok right now, I can tell you that much. Follow us there. We're trying to get the followers up. Behind the scenes, you guys won't see it anywhere in the general public. It's funny and you don't want to miss it.

[Mark] Kaboom! See ya.

See you later guys.