Custom Anodized Paintball Guns | Unique Color Combinations

What is going on Ladies and gentlemen, and today it's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And I'm here to let you know what's been going on at Lone Wolf in the year 2020.

[Mark] So what's going on in 2020? We're most halfway through the year.

What is going on in 2020. With all this craziness, we've taken time to upgrade tons of stuff, our website, our shop, our products displays all that stuff. But I'm here to bring you just a real short video on, we're doing custom annos, custom color part swaps, doing it at all. So we just got back from anno this custom. It's a Planet Eclipse 170R. We got the black body with all red Lone Wolf parts. Oh, man, this thing is, it's beautiful. It's honestly magnificent. So we're doing this. See what's going on we over with the Axe, we made like the vampire, whatever you wanna call it. The Silver red looking really Good, looking fine. The reason I'm bringing you this video, A, I wanted to let you guys know what we're up to, B, I want you guys to put in the comments below what custom colors you would like to see, not in just on like a 170 or on Axe 2.0 on any gun, any custom color combination. We're starting to really kind of dabble in that market. Because you guys want these funky colors. You guys want cool stuff. We're not doing splashes just yet. But if you want a black and lime or a lime and purple or whatever, put in the comments below. And we might just pick your color for the next Lone Wolf custom gun. Mark, what else do you think I should hit on I'm not laying out any prices here today. I'm just letting you guys know that we've been working extremely hard around here updating the website and the store and our product inventory, and bringing you custom color guns.

[Mark] Yeah, I think most of this was that we've been doing the part swaps and doing the XN and kits on the Shockers in the locks.


For a little bit now.

Which is fairly standard and you guys can order whatever color combo you want on our website but--

[Mark] But now we're doing custom anode and XN pieces to truly make these Lone Wolf exclusives.


And like I said, we'll be taking requests, we'll be taking suggestions. If something sounds good, and a lot of people seem to like a particular color combo that you've never seen before we can make it now.

It's like royal red turned out very, very nice. Like I said, we just got this back from our anno guy, and I think it turned out excellent. Obviously, we are partial to the red, red, black and white color combo, but yeah, this thing turned out great. So you guys hit the website, you wanna buy one? That's cool, that's great. But most importantly, we wanna know what color combos you guys wanna see. Yeah, we can pretty much make anything look beautiful. So let us know and think that's about it.

I mean, it's a little silly.

It's a little update.

[Mark] But like just doing that ASA Knob on that Empire marker. It's amazing how much of a difference that makes 'cause the normal op knob on the was black, right?

Yes, for sure.

[Mark] Yeah, no, that's it guys just a short video--

So that you know what we're up to, we're not laying down. We're gonna get through this soon. And we're bringing you great products every day and all the time. Thanks for watching guys hit the website. And don't forget going over to the Jerky Den for some of the best beef jerky and lean protein in the game.

[Mark] So we're not gonna do a video like this every time we have a new color.

No, definitely not.

So make sure you're following on Facebook and Instagram. 'Cause that's where the new colors will get posted first that we make and check out the website for new updates and see what's still available.

Do you have a question or no?

[Mark] No, no question today, 'cause I want these guys all to put in the comments the color combo on the markers they wanna see, that's it.

Do it. Let us know, I wanna see the color combinations. I want your guys thoughts and opinions and also do you think the red and black is nice? Let us know thanks for watching guys take it easy.

[Mark] See you.