Best Paintball Masks of 2020 | Top Paintball Goggles Available

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I am bringing you the top goggles of 2020. All right. Yeah. Before I jump in, you guys already know the drill hit up We have all sorts of varieties and selections available on the website. And, let's jump on into this. Top goggles of 2020 in no particular order. I'm not ranking them. So I'm just going to start off to my right, move on down. And there's one goggle that I don't have on the table that is making the list though. Stay tuned for that one. The Push goggle, first off, Mark, the price point, like 200 bucks, right?

Yup. 200 for the Push Unite.

As far as I know, the Push Unite goggle is the only one on the market that does come with its own hard case right out of the case. So it comes with its own hard case and it also comes with, I'm going over the best features, an Allen wrench. And you might wonder, why? Because it has a goggle with an adjustable nose piece, put the Allen wrench in and you can adjust the bridge of the nose piece on the inside of the goggle to fit your personal preference. If you got a small nose, you got a big nose, wide head, small head, use this to adjust it to fit your needs. This goggle does also come with a very nice lens, obviously removable foam, that's extremely comfortable. Quick change lens system. You name it, the Push Unite's got it. And Mark, do you know what I missed?

The magnetic chin strap.

The only goggle that I know that does have a magnetic chin strap. So it's a very nice feature. A beautiful goggle, great case, a very nice adjustable nose piece to fit your personal needs. So that's the Push Unite making the list. Next, we're going on to the i5, another head to head kind of competitor with the Push goggle, per se. These retail about 190 bucks, I believe.

Yes, sir.

Dye i5 goggle. Once again, it does have removable foam. So very, very nice. A tri-layer foam helps with your sweating keeping moisture away, but you might notice what is that in the back? A ratchet strap. You guys want to tighten or loosen the goggle? This is the ratchet strap that goes on the back of your head. You can unloosen it or tighten it to whatever your desire may be. So it's the only goggle on the market that does have this currently stock out of the box. And other than the quick changing lens system and it's fancy, beautiful looks, it breathes really well, and it does come out of the box with a GoPro mount for you guys out there that want that first person footage. This comes with a GoPro Mount in the box. Mounts right to the top of the goggle, and you can put on whatever GoPro you guys have and get some footage of yourself playing paint ball. So, before I go into the next one, which is going to be... Wait for it. Wait for it. Check out. We do have full break, like full on breakdown reviews of all of these goggles on the YouTube channel. So I'm just doing quick snippets of what I think the, you know, the best features of these are. But check out the videos on all of these. Unboxing them and going over the features.

I've been slowly adding to the online store, color combinations of every available lens with every mask color. So if you want to know what that white and gray EVS looks like with a green chrome lens. There's a photo of it.

Check it out. He's got photos. No, you cannot steal them. They are Lone Wolf Paintball watermarked, and Mark's been working extremely hard. So yes, go check out all the goggles on the site, with all the lenses and what they look like if you guys want to switch up your style. So right now on the screen, I don't have one in stock, it's called the Bunkerkings CMD goggle, which is definitely making the list. Let's talk about some of the key features. Once again, the goggle is currently on the screen for you. It does have the VIO lens, uses their technology. It definitely does have a 300% improved breathability. That's what CMD's claim to fame is. It's extremely breathable, better than a lot of other goggles on the market. Going along with that, their acoustics and communication with it. You don't get the echo and your teammates can hear you loud and clear. Comes with a visor, which is integrated into it. And it's got a ton of other great options that you guys should check out. CMD goggles, definitely going to be making the list. Alrighty, now we're onto the Empire EVS. This is a goggle... Oh, the CMD. What were those? What's the retail price.

CMD is 170.

170. Alright. Empire EVS. One of my favorite goggles, to be honest, just due to the wide range of vision. This is a very, very big goggle. Once again, all these fancier goggles have the tri-layer removable foam in case you sweat in it too much, or your dog gets a hold of it eats it. You can replace the foam extremely easy. Also on the inside of this goggle, you guys can do a quick change lens. Literally comes with red tabs and a little pry lever, change the lens, and you can see what they look like on the website. Other than that, it's a very large goggle for a lot of bigger guys out there. So it's extremely comfortable. The breathability... And Mark did you know you can also even change the front face plate? There's like a cover that goes on there.

Oh, cool. I did not know that.

Yeah, so it clicks in here to the front and you can just add a different kind of color vibe to your EVS mask. These things are awesome. And these retail right around a hundred and what?


Yeah, 150 bucks. I was going to say that. Okay.

I like the EVS 'cause I feel like an astronaut with that huge window.

It's huge. Yeah. I mean, you can see a lot on the field. Like I said, it's a choice of a lot of the bigger guys out there 'cause it covers a lot of your chin. You know? A smaller mask on me, like the i5, isn't going to cover as much of my chin as the EVS will. So, this is why this goggle is making the top 2020. Okay. Lastly, let's hop on into the HK Army KLR. Other than it just looking super, super sweet. I like that this goggle was actually designed with the slots facing downward. So if you're going to eat paint on the field, it's not actually gonna get into your mouth. They design these so they're slotted down. They're a. breathable and b. so paint is not getting inside the mask. It does also have the removable foam as well, which is, a lot of these higher end goggles these days are going that route so you can easily clip in and clip out old foam and replace it with new foam. These things, these KLRs have tons and tons of color options and lens options available. They also offer the quick changing lens system like the other stuff. You got the silicone strap in the back. You've got a little fancy plate here. Just a little bit more swag. 'Cause you know, that's how the guys over at HK Army do things. Yeah. The overall look of the goggle is very sleek, very refined. And, I don't know. I think that's it. I think we got a good selection of goggles for 2020.

I've got a few questions about these goggles.

Oh, price points.

Oh. The KLRs are 110. Yep. Okay.

If you had to say, cause we've done it all a million times, out of those masks on the screen, we won't include the commands in these 'cause we don't have one to show it, which is the easiest lens removal?

Right now, easiest lens removal for me is going to be probably the KLR.



Best mask for the largest face?

Best mask for the largest face? The empire EVS.

Best mask for small faces.

Oh. Small face? I'm going to go with the i5 because you can tighten that ratchet strap down in the back real nice and tight.

Now here's a trick one. It's a little harder. You may not be able to answer what the guys is. Put it in the comments. If you are a glasses wearer, which goggle is best for people that wear glasses?

Right now, or like out of our top 2020,

Out of our top ones here. I'm going to say the EVS 'cause you can get, even if you have some big, big lenses or frames, you can get them inside of this goggle. So they work really, really well. What do you think?

Yeah. I would agree with pretty much everything you've said so far, so.

Okay. Alright. Yeah. These are our, this is the Lone Wolf choice 2020 top goggles. The only thing we didn't have, but you saw on the screen, was the Bunkerking CMD. Thanks for watching guys. I want your comments below letting us know what other goggle would you not have in here, or what goggle that we currently have, would you not like, and what goggle would you add? We'd like to hear it.

And, from the YouTube, we have a question from Ernando 521.


Ernando. Honestly, which gun do you think shoots the smoothest, the CS2 or the Geo 4?

Wow. That's a good question. Honestly, I feel like the Geo 4 shoots smoother. Just going to say it.


That's it.

There you go. You've got a question leave in the comments below. And like I said guys, tell us what mask you think is the best for 2020, and if you wear glasses and all those fun things that people want to know. And we will see you next time.

Thanks for watching.