Infamous Air 68/4500 Air Tank Overview

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I'm bringing you the new line of the Infamous air tanks.

[Mark] Ooh, what's new about them?

Ooh baby, so pretty much Infamous Air has been out for a minute now. They came to the market with 80 cubic inch tanks. We've been listening to you guys or actually they've been listening to you guys. You guys wanted a 68 version, 68 cubic inch instead of the 80. So now that is exactly what Infamous Paintball came out with. Before I jump into it, don't forget,, hit up the website. All of these great options are available and ready for purchase. So basically--

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So whatever the current top of the line marker is at that point in time when we hit 100k subscribers, we are gonna do a giveaway Top of line marker at that current time. So subscribe, hit the notification, all that great stuff. Back to the tanks. So we have a couple of different versions. We have the "Bones" and then we have the "Skeleton Squad" here. "Skull squad," whatever you wanna call it. So the "Bones," obviously got all the different parts of, looks like the human body. The cranium, arms,-bones, legs, all that stuff. And then a tiny, tiny Infamous skeleton skulls on the other tank. So biggest difference here between the two. So you've got this one over here, obviously 68 cubic inch, 4,500 tank. Coming with aircraft grade aluminum regulators. I believe they call these the reactor regulators. Obviously output standard, output on these are about 800 to 850 PSI. And yeah, it's a 4,500 PSI tank, coming in the electric yellow you have. You've got the blue, the white, and also comes in a black version as well. And then next up we do have the "Skull Squad" here. What you're gonna see is the same version as this. And I believe, Mark, this one also comes in black and white too. So a black with white letter print. And these ones, once again 68, 4,500 tank. But they are coming with the HAYMKR 500 Regulator Generation 3. Can you zoom in on that one Mark, with the Infamous actual inscribed on there?


Okay, so pretty much the biggest thing about these tanks are they retail right around 260 bucks. So you're really getting the most bang for your buck going with the HAYMKR part. 'Cause all of this, anything, this entire bottle including the reg, manufactured and made in the USA. And the HAYMKR 500 Regulator does have stainless steel threading, the top cap, which is very important. So you guys aren't stripping it when it's going onto your gun. And like I said, made in the USA, they are fully dyno tested. So before they're made and after they're made, after a 24 hour pressure test, these HAYMKR 500 regs are tested to make sure there's no leaks and there's no defects before they get out onto the market and into your hands. Also, with the HAYMKR 500 Regulator, they do have set screws on the inside or certain ports for set screws. So it's not gonna be sliding around. Divots on the inside of the regulator, so it has a spot to go into. And then also they are adjustable, anywhere from 400 to 700 PSI. So these tanks, if you wanna run a low pressure on your gun, you can do that. If you wanna keep it, you know high output, 700 to 750, you can do that as well. Mark, do you have any questions for me regarding any of these tanks?

[Mark] So are only these come with that other reg?

Correct, so you can see the different prints with the skulls on there, like that electric yellow with the nice big, bright skull. These are only gonna be coming with the reactor regulators. And then these tanks, either in the "Skull Squad" or the actual bones print are gonna be coming with the HAYMKR 500 regulators. So great tanks. Finally, like I said you guys wanted 'em when the Infamous first came out with the 80 cubic inches. They were a huge hit, a big seller, but a lot of you guys wanted 68, forty five hundreds. So here they are. Right here, hit them up on the website. Obviously, they're a great product. If you guys know anything about HAYMKR, they make amazing regs, stainless steel, aircraft grade as well. And then obviously Infamous is known to be kinda like the hipsters and paintball. You could say that with the prints, you know what I'm saying? Some of the tank prints are very boring and just old carbon fiber looking anyways. Obviously the "Bones," "Skull Squad," these comes out with cool colors and cool designs. So that's it.

You know, that's my biggest problem with these tanks.


It's I love the bones designs and the, you know, with all the graphics. But I'm gonna end up covering half of it with a tank cover. And it just sucks 'cause somebody needs to make a clear tank cover. Something that's weatherproof

A clear tank?

but I can see my artwork through it.

Sounds like you can do that Mark.

[Mark] All right.

All right, so yeah, that's pretty much it on the new line of the Infamous air tanks. So--

And these would apply for the six months, same as cash financing with a firm.

Yeah, you can do, if you guys can't afford it right now, you can do a firm right on the website and pay it off with no interest pretty much, so yeah.

Awesome. So if there's nothing else about tanks, I have a question from the YouTubes about tanks.

Okay, go ahead.

[Mark] Awesome Face wants to know, "Question, can I run the EMEK with "an 850 PSI Preset Regulator or do I have to lower "it on my regulator to 450 PSI?"

No, you don't. So pretty much this reactor reg right here is gonna be exactly what he just said. Anywhere from 800 to 850 output PSI, and it's not gonna hurt your EMEK at all. Screw it right on in and go play some paintball.

[Mark] Awesome, and I have one last question about these tanks, I forgot.

Go ahead.

[Mark] Are all of these designs also available though in the larger tank size or only certain styles?

A lot of the designs are. I think actually the 80 cubic inch, these got different designs on. So check out the website, we've got a whole Infamous air tank section on there. These got tons of different prints, designs and colors. So thanks for watching, guys. Don't forget, subscribe because we're gonna do a giveaway.

[Mark] Awesome, see ya.