Just a few of the testimonials we have received.
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I love this place, but I prefer the outdoor field. Indoor is great for winter or when you don’t wanna get too dirty. The pro paintball shop is also inside the building and they assist you if you have any problems with your equipment.
Sean Stringer
Had a great time meeting new people, the local crowd that is there is amazing. Which made fitting in and the overall experience awesome. Not to mention the refs we’re cool to talk to and hang with, always there to help and even kid around when needed. Cant wait to come back again, which will be very soon.
Adam Hoopz
I went for my first time for the free for all event, the staff was great really friendly. You have to come play to really experience how much fun it is. The staff being very friendly and helpful helps new players ease into the great sport.
Michael Goossens
It was my first time playing indoors and we had an absolute blast! The staff really knows how to have fun. They’re friendly and helpful, they cater to beginning, intermediate and advanced players.

They even try to make things even, if you don’t have a team to play with. My friends and had the best time, we played for about 4 hours. We were switching off with other teams and playing against other teams as well.

I highly recommend long wolf, is you want to do some paintballing.

If you’ve never done it before, and you want to try it out. They have everything you need right there on site as well. I think the prices were pretty reasonable too.

Fun with a capital F. We’re going back next Sunday the 3rd, with some of the people that we met this past weekend… we’re hooked!

ActingLike Sebastian