Lone Wolf Paintball is offering Team Video Packages to the participants of the 2017 NXPL tournament season. Our paintball videographer will film your team on and off the field for use in a fully edited video montage with music.

Pricing on the Team Video Package starts at $250 per team and must be paid in full in advance to reserve. There is a limit of 4 teams per event, and filming priority is determined on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Videography sessions are subject to availability and may be canceled by Lone Wolf Paintball with a full refund if there are scheduling conflicts. Lone Wolf Paintball reserves the right to use the video taken in future advertising, social media campaigns and other types of multimedia.

Single Event


4 Event Package



  • 1 Video Montage of Your Team per Purchased Event
    Average montage length is 3 to 6 minutes. The content of the montage will include primarily game play, but team footage in the staging area, and any award ceremonies will also be included. Final inclusion of footage in the montage is the discretion of the videographer.
  • Your Choice of Song
    You’ll be able to pick the song to be used as the background music in your video. Please note that YouTube, and other similar video sharing services, might place ads, copyright strikes, or take down your video completely if you opt to use copyrighted music. We are not responsible if this happens, and you will not get another montage or a refund as a result of such. Royalty free music is available as an option.
  • Logo or Sponsor Inclusion
    If you have a team logo or any sponsors, they can be incorporated into the montage. It is your responsibility to deliver the art files to us prior to filming the event. This prevents delays in the creation of the montage.
  • Delivery
    You will receive your montage on a USB memory stick in a .mp4 format. This is the most common format for use online. Typically you will receive your footage within 10-14 days after the event.

Additional Options

  • Drone Footage – add $50 per event
    Your choice of either A) 1 Full Game Filmed Top Down Style or B) Drone Footage Mixed into Your Montage 
  • RAW UnEdited Footage – add $150 per event
    You’ll receive all the unedited footage of your team from the event of your choice.
  • Rush Charge  – add $100 per event
    You’ll receive your video 5-7 days after the event, half the time of normal delivery.

Available Dates

  • NXPL Season Opener – 5-Man
    Saturday, April 22nd @ Lone Wolf Paintball 
  • NXPL Flint City Classic – 5-Man
    Saturday, June 10th @ CRU Paintball
  • NXPL North Indy Open – 5-Man
    Saturday, August 12th @ Blastcamp Paintball
  • NXPL Championship – 5-Man
    Saturday, October 7th @ Lone Wolf Paintball
  • NXPL Season Opener – X-Ball
    Sunday, April 23rd @ Lone Wolf Paintball
  • NXPL Flint City Classic – X-Ball
    Sunday, June 11th @ CRU Paintball
  • NXPL North Indy Open – X-Ball
    Sunday, August 13th @ Blastcamp Paintball
  • NXPL Championship – X-Ball
    Sunday, October 8th @ Lone Wolf Paintball


To reserve your team video package please contact:

Mark Hicks
Media Manager