If you are looking for a fun adrenaline rush or a unique team-building exercise, a private game at Lone Wolf Paintball is the ideal choice for your next group outing. Perfect for birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate outings and team building exercises, Lone Wolf Paintball offers custom private game packages that can be designed to match your group’s size, age range, experience and desired playtime. With two outdoor playing locations in Mt Clemens and Metamora and an Indoor Field in Clinton Township, we are sure to have a location to serve your needs.

When reserving a private game your group will select a specific date and time to play. Since it is a private game, you will only being playing with members of your group. There may be other groups of players at the field that day but you will never have outside players allowed in your game. Private games also include group referees who will organize and supervise your game from start to finish. Before the start of every private game a staff member will run the group through a safety orientation explaining the safety and game rules as well as demonstrating how to operate your rental equipment.

Private Game Packages

Standard Group Package - Learn More
Ideal for bachelor parties, sports teams & work outings
Mini Group Package - Learn More
Great for birthday parties & smaller groups!
JT Splatmaster - Learn More
A great low impact option for younger players!

Private Game Policies as of 2017

How far in advance do I need to book my game?

It is recommended that private games be booked at least one week in advance. Reservations with less notice are available but spots are usually limited so the sooner you can reserve the better. When booking during peak times (i.e. weekends), we do recommend paying your deposit or prepayment as soon as you are sure on a date and time. By doing so, you will reserve that spot and guarantee that no other group may book that session. All reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis and no spots will be held with the minimum deposit or prepayment. If you have not provided us with some form of payment (i.e. cash, check or credit card) to cover the deposit or prepayment, you do not have a reservation.

How and where do I make my payment?

Deposits and prepayments can be made by calling our main office in Clinton Township or through our Online Reservation Center by clicking here. Acceptable forms of payment are Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. For more information on reserving a private game contact the store at 586-463-9500

Where and when can we play?

Games past our standard operation times may be subject to an additional maintenance charge, and must be reserved a minimum of 10 days prior to date of play.

Clinton Township Mt Clemens Metamora
Field Type Indoors Outdoors Outdoors
Field Area 1 Course
Over 20,000 Sq Ft
6 Courses
Over 40+ Acres
4 Courses
Over 40+ Acres
Private Play Sessions Any 2 hour Block Between the Hours of 10am and 11:00pm, 7 Days a Week Year Round Any 2-3 hour Block Between the Hours of 10am and Dusk, 7 Days a Week April – November Any 2-3 hour Block Between the Hours of 10am and Dusk, 7 Days a Week Year Round
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What time does my group need to arrive?

The entire group needs to arrive at least 30 – 45 minutes prior to your scheduled start time to allow for registration and orientation. We will not extend your playing time due late players. Players arriving after tmhe start time will have to wait for a staff member to get them orientated and joined in with their group. We also request that whoever is playing fill out a waiver in advance to speed up check-in at the field. Waivers can be found by clicking here.

Where do we park?

Clinton Township Indoor Field – The Indoor Field has its own parking lot surrounding the building. Once you park in lot you will use the side door in the parking lot that says Field Entrance. There is no fee for parking at this location.

Mt Clemens Outdoor Field – Parking is right on the property of the Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt Clemens. Once you enter Gibraltar’s main gate the parking and registration area will be straight back on the left hand side. Please keep in mind that Gibraltar does charge $2 per car for parking and that fee is not waived for paintball patrons.

Metamora Outdoor Field – The parking and registration area is located right behind the Cascadden Lounge in Metamora. There is no fee for parking at this location.

What if I get more players at a later date?

Additional players are welcome to join your group on the day of play and will be charged whatever group rate you have reserved under. Though a few extra players are never a problem, please notify us before hand if it looks like your group is going to be much larger than you previously reserved for so we can prepare accordingly.

What is the refund and rescheduling policy?

All advance purchase private games and deposits are non-refundable once paid to Lone Wolf Paintball. Your advance purchase for a private outing is the same as buying a ticket to a concert or sporting event. If you do not use it, no credit, refund, exchange or other form of compensation will be paid for persons not present on the date and time of the outing. It is possible to reschedule an outing to a later date but will be subject to our rescheduling policy. In the rare instance you see an advertised rate that is lower than what you previously booked for we do not offer rate adjustments of any kind and will not provide any additional compensation.

Rescheduling Policy:

More than 7 days notice = free of charge; Less than 7 days notice = $50 rescheduling fee; Game Day = $100 fee.

What if some of my players have their own equipment?

If anyone is using their own equipment the group rate will remain the same but they will receive unlimited compressed air fills for the marker for the duration of the session (we do not fill CO2). If a player chooses to use their own marker they are responsible for providing all the necessary components to play (i.e. tank, hopper, barrel cover, etc). We will not part out any of our rental guns for players that are missing pieces. If a player needs to use a barrel cover for the day they are available for purchase only for $5. Regardless if they are using their own equipment or not, all players in a private group MUST use field paint only!

Can we bring our own paintballs?

NO. All paintballs must be purchased at the playing field on the day of play for private parties. NO EXCEPTIONS!

What if the weather is bad?

We play rain or shine. In case of lightning or weather we deem unsafe, we will delay outdoor games or will reschedule, not refund for the players that showed. However, keep in mind that while it may be lightning where you live, it may not be at the field. If a session is more than 50% complete it will be classified as a complete session.

This guide was designed to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding group rates and policies. If you have additional questions, please call our Pro Shop / Main Office at 1-800-875-9653

We reserve the right to modify company policies at any time.